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In three months we doubled our hits and more important we  doubled our online sales!

Chiri Enterprise

Our website went from 900 to more than 9000 hits a month. We are getting 4-5 contacts every day. Good work, many thanks.

International RV

We sell used marine engine parts all over the world now. In the summer we have more business than we can handle. A great investment!

Sport Marine BF

We build killer websites for the search engines. From the ground up our websites are designed to achieve high rankings in the search engines.

 We can do this for YOUR website! Contact us.

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is not magic but requires an organised, logical approach and an up-to-date knowledge of how the search engines work. We will use these skills to bring you thousands of new visitors who want to find your website.

We have specialised knowledge of French language search engines, particularly the French Canadian search engines. 

We follow these steps to achieve good rankings for your website in the search engines:

1) Select your Keywords for each web page.

2) Optimise selected web pages for specific keywords.

3) Submit your website to the major search engines.

4) Analyse your search engine rankings for each keyword. (see example of search engine position reports - 1 of 5 available reports)

5) Analyse your website statistics to learn about visitors who came to your website, which web pages they viewed, where they came from, what search engine and keywords they used and more.

Repeat this process on regular basis.

We can also take other steps to boost your website's position in the search engines - we have a link exchange among our clients which increases your website's link popularity, we can compare your website to your competitors' websites that rank higher than yours and we can submit your website to international search engines - European, French, Spanish and German search engines.

We can improve your website's performance like
SEO for in 2002
Graph of increased website traffic

Search Engine Positioning Plans

Plan 1 - Basic search engine positioning
We will submit your website to all of the major search engines and report on the position of your website each month.

Plan 2 - Commercial SEO
We will optimise your website for your selected keywords and submit each page to the major search engines. Each month we will report on the ranking of each page for your selected keywords.

Plan 3 - Custom Plan
We will develop a customized plan to meet your needs and budget.

Contact us for an evaluation of your website.

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