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Montreal Quebec Canada SEO optimisation, ranking and positioning

Prices for Search Engine Positioning Services (Canadian Dollars $)

(We will provide you with a fixed price quotation)

Plan 1 - Basic (click for more details)

We will submit your website to all of the major search engines and report on the position of your website for up to 15 keywords each month.

$300 / 3 months reporting

$400 / 6 months

$500 / 1 year

Plan 2 - Commercial

We will optimise your website for your selected keywords and submit the pages to the major search engines. Each month, for one year, we will analyse and report on the ranking of each page for your selected keywords.

1-5 web pages $800 / yr

6-10 web pages $1350 / yr

11-20 web pages $2500 / yr

Additional pages $100 each / yr

Plan 3 - Custom Plan

Every website is different - products and services differ as do the customers who buy them. We can focus our search engine positioning on many marketing factors you consider important such as geographic location and language.

Contact us for a quotation

A La Carte Services

Paid Submission to the search engines - services and charges

(Click to learn more about when to use paid submissions)

Most search engines offer a paid inclusion service. The charges and types of service vary. Our one-time fee covers our work but not the search engine's charge. $75 each

Web Page Optimisation

Custom doorway pages - manually created, rich in content and keywords (NOT generated by a computer program)

1-5 pages $200 each

6 - 10 pages $175 each

11 or more pages $150 each

Optimisation of individual web pages $75 hr
Analyse selected keywords for competition and suitability $75 hr

Search engine Position Reporting

Search Engine Position Reporting - 15 keywords - one set of reports $125
Additional keyword for above reporting $30 each / per year
Compare your website's Positions to your competitors website(s) +$75 per month
Search Engine Position Reporting - once per month for 3 months $200
Search Engine Position Reporting - once per month for 6 months $300
Search Engine Position Reporting - once per month for 1 year $450
Additional domain name to include in search reports $50 each
Website Visitor Statistics - online reporting $10 per month+

Payment - 50% on ordering, 50% upon completion

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