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Why Search Engines are Important?

"More than 80% of  websites are first found through the search engines."

(more statistics)

That says it all. If you are trying to attract new visitors search engines give you the exposure you need.

By getting higher rankings in the search engines you increase your visitors. The benefits become exponential as you enter the top 10 rankings.

If people can't find your great website, it is of little use!

Search Engines are the most important way that most potential customers will find your website. There are thousands of new websites created every day. They all want high rankings in the search engines. More than likely your competition has a website too.

You want your website listed as high as possible in the results the search engines provide when a potential visitor (customer) searches for information relating to your website.

Each search engine evaluates and ranks your site in a different way, then decides what ranking to give your website. You must select your keywords carefully and place them in the correct place and sequence on each web page.

Getting high rankings in the search engines is now a highly competitive business requiring an in-depth knowledge of the search engines and how they work.

We can optimise your website to achieve the highest rankings possible.

No one can give you a top 10 ranking in every search engine.

Let us review your website and make recommendations. This service is free. Contact us!

We will deal with you one to one to understand your needs so that we can give you the results you want.

More Statistics -

"The Pew Internet Project has released a fascinating report detailing just how important search engines are to web users, with some interesting statistics about the most common kinds of information people search for.

The report, based on extensive research, surveys, and analysis, says that more than eight in ten American internet users have gone to search engines to find information on the Web. Further, more than one in four, or about 33 million adults, use a search engine on a daily basis.

Fully 85% of American internet users have used an online search engine to find information on the Web. Only sending or reading email outranks search-engine queries as an online activity.

The study also examined individual differences and search engine use. Some of the key findings:

- Men are more likely than women to use a search engine on a typical day (33%, compared to 25% of women).

- College graduates are also more likely to use a search engine on a typical day (39%, compared to 20% of high school graduates). 

- Internet users who have been online for three or more years are also heavy search engine users (39% on a typical day, compared to 14% of those who got access in the last six months).

Have you ever searched for information about yourself?  If so, you're not alone.  About one in four Internet users has typed their own names into a search engine to see what information about them is on the Web. About half found what they expected, but 24% of vanity searchers were surprised by how much information they found about themselves online, and 16% were surprised by how little information they found."

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