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Selecting Your Keywords

Selecting your keywords is the first and most important step in optimising your website for the search engines. Spend the time to find the right keywords.

What keywords can get your Website found? The answer to this question is crucial to the position or ranking of your Website in the search engines. Spend some time thinking about the keywords used to describe your company, its products and services.

Make a list of a maximum of 25 keywords, 15 is better, (keywords may include up to 4 words in a phrase). Put them in order of importance and relevance. After you have verified these keywords they should be used frequently on your web page, this is part of the process of optimizing your web pages. 

In selecting your keywords try to look at it from the point of view of the customer looking for a product or service (YOURS). You know your business well but are the technical terms you use the same words a customer would use when searching for you on the internet?

The following questions will help you to select keywords for your web site:

1) What three words come to mind when you think about your company, its products or services?

2) What other words or phrases do you hear or use regularly about your product or service?

3) What industries or businesses would your organisation, its products or services generally be identified with?

4) What words, phrases, labels, categories, etc., are applicable to your competitors, clients, and targeted prospects?

5) What geographic keywords do you think are important?

Are your keywords too general? The more specific your keywords are the easier it will be to gain higher rankings. For example if you build homes in Montreal, choose keywords like "home construction in Montreal" or "home construction in Quebec" NOT "home construction" or "construction". It would be very difficult to gain rankings for the general keywords but relatively easy for the specific keywords.

Now that you have a list of potential keywords, prioritise them by importance or estimated relevance. If possible, look at the websites of your competitors. What keywords do your competitors use? How do yours compare? If yours are different consider why and choose the words that are most frequently used in searches for your products or services.

Site Description Statements

Keywords are not the only way to promote your website in the search engines. You also need to have a brief description statement. Search engines will search the terms used in the statement, and your statement will show up as an "advertisement" for your site in the list of sites found under a particular keyword.

You can create keywords or submission summaries when the site is planned or anytime until the website is submitted to the search engines.

The registration process often takes anywhere from one week to four months.

If you have questions please fell free to contact us and we will answer you.

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