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Montreal Quebec Canada SEO optimisation, ranking and positioning

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(all prices are in Canadian dollars)

We will submit your Home page to all of the major search engines and report on the position of your website for up to 15 keywords each month.

In addition we will establish reciprocal links with other quality websites with high rankings and hundreds of thousands page views. Without links to your website you will not achieve high rankings.

If you host with us we will include your visitor statistics at no extra cost, a savings of at least $120 per year.


$300 / 3 months

$400 / 6 months

$500 / 1 year

We can customise a plan to meet your needs. Consider the following options:

  1. Check the position of your website more often

  2. Increase the number of keywords we search for

  3. Compare your positions to that of your competitors' websites

  4. Gather visitor statistics through an external source and gain a more in depth knowledge about your website.


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