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Repatriation From the Thai / Cambodian Border

- Under Development -

Paris Peace Agreement Annexes

February 1992 - The peace and repatriation was introduced to the people on the border by their leaders. These photos show Prince Sihanouk and Son Sann in Banteay Chhmar, a KPNLF liberated zone near to Site II.

Bantey-Chhmar-feb92-01.jpg (69204 bytes)

UNAMIC raising the flags.

Banteay Chhmar

Bantey-Chhmar-feb92-03.jpg (112028 bytes)

Bantey-Chhmar-feb92-05a.jpg (49072 bytes)

Prince Sihanouk

Bantey-Chhmar-feb92-02.jpg (80134 bytes)

Son Sann

Bantey-Chhmar-feb92-04.jpg (36822 bytes)

Old friends on opposite sides meet without rancor.

Bantey-Chhmar-feb92-06.jpg (63823 bytes)

UNBRO staff - some had been on the border since the beginning.

Photos by Richard Rowat

Repatriation began on April 25 1992. The first convoy left from the transit camp adjacent to Site II with Khmer from all of the camps onboard.
photos to come

[Ceremonies in Site II]

[One of my employees from KID on her way home]

Repat02.jpg (18415 bytes)

The border crossing at Poipet was a media circus. It became an open border for a few hours. 

Repat-April92-02.jpg (129578 bytes)

Reception Center in Sisophon

Repat-April92-03.jpg (114212 bytes) [Ceremonies in Sisophon]  
Photos by Richard Rowat

Transit Centers

Coming - an article by a Battambang transit centre manager.




I had a total of 300 employees in three camps. We sent unofficial survey teams from Site II and Site B to "look and see". The reports the teams brought back gave our people confidence not only in the repatriation process but in jobs and income generating plans suited to the new environment they were about to enter.

It soon became apparent that the earlier you went back the better your prospects would be - jobs, land, opportunities, prices on everything were going up daily in Cambodia as resources were stretched.

Early in the repatriation I spoke to a number of UNTAC people that had come through Phnom Penh and during indoctrination they had been told by "academics" within UNTAC to avoid hiring people from the border! UNTAC soon learned who to recruit and it was the border people.


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