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I was on the Thai / Cambodian border from 1990 - 1992 as IRC Printing Coordinator, followed by five years split between Aranyaprathet and Battambang in northwest Cambodia.

I worked regularly in Khao-I-Dang, Site II / Site 2 and Site B, my work took me to all of the camps on the border and into contact with their administrators - KPNLF, FUNCINPEC (Royalist party), Kmer Rouge and neutral Khao-I-Dang. I also had the opportunity to visit some of the KPNLF (Khmer Peoples' National Liberation Front) / KR (Khmer Rouge) "Liberated Zones" in the vicinity of Banteay Chhmar and Chhmar Pouk.

In 1990 / 1991 I spent two weeks in Cambodia visiting Phnom Penh, Kandal, Kompom Speu and Siem Riep.

In 1993, with a Khmer partner, Ouk Chheng, and staff from all of my Thai / Cambodian border projects we opened RCG Battambang; a hybrid development project / private enterprise. Together we provided a range of computer services in northwest Cambodia including training over 300 people in computer use. I progressively spent less and less time in the project and in 1997 handed over all responsibilities to Ouk Chheng.

1998, 1999 and 2000 saw me on 3 missions with MSF (Medicines Sans Frontiers) in South Sudan, Afghanistan and Ambon, Indonesia.

In 2000 I married an Ambonese girl, in 2005 we had our daughter and we now live in Canada where, after 10 years working in relief and development, I have returned to my old life developing computer systems and now positioning websites in the search engines.

The road goes ever on..............

Richard Rowat

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IRC Printing Site II with asst. supervisor, accountant and apprentice production scheduler.


I also maintain an Ambon information website please take a look.

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